Update on Hillary's Peace Clubs
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"We have to cherish and protect peace in the interest of children, because we are not only the future leaders, but also the current leaders in training."

Hillary (15)

Update on Hillary's Peace Clubs

What did Hillary do?
The Peace Club Tour ran from October to December 2018 and was launched in the presence of 560 students, 20 teachers and 10 school directors! The goal of this launch was to get the attendees acquainted with the training program, before they started using the program themselves.

After the launch, seven training sessions were given at six different primary schools. The focus of these training sessions was on bringing the student (with ages between 11 and 15 years) together. This is important because there is tension between students with different ethnic backgrounds, such as religion. They do not want to learn or play with each other.

How did it go?
The training consisted of exercises where students looked at their own attitudes towards other students, with for example, a different religion or a different origin; how can you change this attitude, respect others and interact peacefully?

"It was beautiful to see how the students adopted new attitudes and actually became friends." – Hillary

The teachers were happy with the outcome of the training, as it seems that the students can work together more easily. This makes it easier for teachers to divide the students into groups without creating tension or quarrel. This is also good for students because they can learn from each other by working together; there is no need for unnecessary, mutual struggle.

In what way has Hillary made an impact?
Children with different backgrounds are brought together and tension between them in the classroom has decreased. This makes it easier to take action against violence together. In addition to this, 620 students and 30 teachers have already been reached!

What went well?
Peace Club has collaborated with a number of local organizations, school directors and teachers. This ensured that they had everything they needed, such as permission to train students, the use of school spaces and assistance with the launch.

The reactions on the Peace Club Tour have been very positive and many students want to follow the training, even after school!

What was the most difficult?
Almost everything went according to plan. Only the transport and the printing of teaching materials were sometimes a bit difficult. Next time extra attention will be given to these.

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