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“It takes great patience and sacrifice to overcome and realise your passion, but once it happens you become a hero.”

Ishmael (25)
Sierre Leone

Child Health and Mortality prevention Action

My previous project as an Action Developer focused on gender equality, it was a three-month project carried out in two communities and aimed at 300 girls and parents. The theme was to end gender inequality and encourage parents to send girls to school. 

As a Fund Catcher I want to carry out a different project because I believe that change starts with one person. With the foundation we set up during the previous project, the work on gender equality will be able to continue, the reason is that there are so many problems that need attention, of which this current project I am starting is one.

Child Health and Mortality prevention Action

Illness and death among infants and pre-schoolers (1-4 years) are becoming more common. The main causes of infant mortality are tetanus, fever, measles and diarrhoea. A breakdown of childhood deaths shows that tetanus is quite important in the neonatal period and accounts for as much as 68% of neonatal deaths. At the other child ages, the poor nutritional status of the majority of children in Sierra Leone, as shown by the results of the National Nutrition Survey, was seen as the significant factor.

This project aims to improve children's health and reduce childhood illness and death; 1,000 parents in Makeni City will get new ideas on how to protect their children from health issues and death, gain practical skills on how to improve children's health through workshops, media campaign and community sensitivity/drama presentation. Ishmael will carry out these activities with the support of the YES organization and the District Health Medical team.

Words for other potential changemakers
Being a changemaker is innate, let compassion for humanity invade you sooner or later, you will make the world wonderful with your actions.

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