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“Sharing your kindness will never let you be poor. Change start with you and me. Join in the movement Changemaker and we make a difference.” 

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Theme: Education, Health

Looking back with Jeff

At the end of every project we ask our changemakers how they experienced the program. Here’s what Jeff said:

About his project Anti-Jigger Camping
"Jiggers are parasite that feed on human being. They are painful and cause discomfort. Jiggers affect mostly children and of course adults within the same community. This is basically where there is a lot of poverty that the lever on sanitation is too down. They eat toes, fingers and buttocks. A child invaded by jiggers will not be able to make it to school because of walking distance and discomfort in class and the child is bare footed, meaning the child can't afford a pair of shoes. Jiggers comes because of poverty. Being a changemaker I am able to collect old car tyres and use them to make shoes for affected children. Also, I help them to remove jiggers with disinfectant solution. Also have started GoFundMe "buy a pair of shoes with Anti-Jigger Campaign”. Giving a second chance in life, remember many of children they have changed their walking style because of jiggers. It is my duty to see all children got the opportunity to live right. Am pressing my goal toward vision 2030 that all children are free from jiggers and live healthy. " 

About the Support given by KR:
"KidsRights has been right behind my project where they have funded my project giving me chance to reach many more children who really need my services and help. They guided me through following up with the help of my nominator. It wouldn’t been possible to me being a student without KidsRights. Am getting ready to go many more miles of Changemaker. "