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To prepare a better future we must invest in education

Johnson Bahozi (18)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Theme: Education

Youth for prosperity

Meet Johnson Bahozi, a changemaker from the island of Idjwi in eastern DRC, who is on a mission to transform the education system in his community. Johnson is deeply concerned about the plight of many students who have been victimized and excluded from classes due to lateness, non-payment of school fees, or misbehavior. Such students face numerous risks, including kidnapping, sexual abuse, accidents, and fights, which pose a threat to their safety and well-being.

To address this problem, Johnson has launched a project aimed at helping vulnerable students access adequate education and necessary resources. He plans to work with local authorities, schools, and community organizations to develop alternative strategies for dealing with students' issues, such as lateness or misbehavior, without resorting to exclusion or victimization.

Johnson's project also focuses on improving access to education for children from low-income families or with physical disabilities. He intends to work with community leaders and parents to identify and support such children, providing them with the necessary resources and support to help them succeed in school.