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Action developer

"All the little bits help."

Joost (19)
The Netherlands
Theme: Environment
making films, carrying out creative projects, writing, making music and cleaning up waste

Joost's project: Working on a cleaner world

When I was four years old I realized there was garbage on the street. And that it didn't belong there. So I said to my mom and dad: "Come, get your bike and a plastic bag. We're just going to pick up the trash!" Since then I've made myself visible on social media, I gave a TEDX Youth Talk when I was 11. I've been in the NRC, I've been on the cover of the SamSam and I've appeared in the Klokhuis. I believe that every little bit helps and that you can make a difference yourself. I try to make people around me aware and inspire them to contribute to a cleaner world.