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Juma Kasheto (24)
Theme: Education, Gender Equality

Truancy among adolescent girls caused by poor sanitation is unacceptable

Meet Juma, a changemaker from Tanzania who is passionate about addressing the issue of truancy among adolescent girls in secondary schools. The problem is caused by poor sanitation in washrooms, the absence of adequate washrooms, and the lack of access to sanitary pads and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHRs). This causes them to feel ashamed and creates the tendency to remain at home during their menstrual periods, resulting in poor performance and sometimes dropping out of school.

Juma's project is aimed at raising awareness among adolescent girls on their sexual reproductive health and rights and the availability of sanitary pads. Additionally, he aims to advocate for the improvement of washroom sanitation conditions and the construction of modern and good washrooms with all facilities. 

Through this project, Juma hopes to eliminate truancy among 2400 adolescent girls. He also aims to engage community leaders, community members, and local government authority leaders to advocate for improved washroom sanitation conditions and the building of adequate washrooms. Juma envisions a future where adolescent girls are empowered with knowledge and access to necessary facilities, leading to improved school attendance and academic performance.