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Action developer

"Education is the most powerful tool for the transformation and development of nations."

Kabir (18)
Theme: Education

L3C = Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte

Kabir has always been creative, since the age of 7 he has already had 3 books published. He goes to school but is also busy with his own personal development. He also gives presentations in Peru (and other countries) about children’s rights. He talks mainly about education, peace, and sustainable development. Kabir puts a lot of time into youth movements and organizations which are connected to this in Peru.

It’s Kabir’s dream to work together with teachers, leaders, parents and not to mention millions of children, toward a developed Peru where the rights of children are respected.

What is the problem?
Kabir is convinced that education is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Through reading and gaining knowledge, children can develop to be sophisticated youngsters and adults.  

The problem is that there are not many children in Kabir’s neighborhood who can read properly. Even if they can read, they often do not understand what is written. Comprehensive reading skills are very important. Kabir believes that Peru is one of the worst countries in the world in this specific area and research studies have confirmed it. Kabir wants to change this and that’s why he took action.  

What is Kabir’s solution?
Kabir initiated the project: L3C (Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte), which stands for understand, make and share. Through this project children can learn to read better in a playful way, for example using music and games.  

Four lectures per month are given at different schools. Due to these lectures dynamic reading clubs and study groups are set-up by the headmaster and the focus is on Child Rights, Peace and sustainable development.  

What is the goal?
The goal is to be able to reach at least 2.000 pupils with this project from the primary- and high school.  

How will Kabir work?
Kabir will run the project himself and make sure that all goes according to plan. He will organize the lectures and take care of the books. He believes it is going to be a challenge to keep the children reading.

Who does Kabir need?
·         The Minister of Education and Human Rights
·         Local Youth Organizations

What does Kabir need?
·         A good working relationship with the Government, schools and Youth Organizations
·         Contact with other changemakers who are working on similar projects
·         Tips and support from KidsRights