Update Karupuswarmy
Action developer

“A violence free childhood is very important for a peaceful adulthood.”

Karupuswamy (20)
Loves: playing videogames and doing sports

Update Karupuswarmy

What has Karupuswarmy done?
Karupuswarmy has had posters and flyers made, organized gatherings with children and their parents and given information on parenting without violence.

How did it go?
He didn’t have enough time because he had to work after school very often and so was not able to spend time on his project. Still the result was as good as he had expected! He is most proud of the change in opinion of the parents. At the beginning of the programme, most parents thought that they had the right to use violence if their child did not listen to them. Together they discussed other ways to correct behaviour. The children present also voiced their opinions, whereby a good dialogue evolved between parent and child.

In which way did Karupuswarmy make an impact?
80 parents ( 56 women and 24 men) took part in Karupuswarmy’s programme and this is more than he had expected!