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"Time is running out: we must do something now, otherwise polar bears will live under palm trees soon"

Kehkashan (20)
United Arab Emirates


What’s the problem?
The earth’s temperature is rising every year, in large part due to human activity like urbanization and deforestation. Another major factor is the waste of food and other products and the increase in garbage this brings.

Kehkashan lives in Canada but was born in the United Arab Emirates, which sees a lot of urbanization and tourism. This country faces a large challenge in fighting waste and processing garbage.

What is Kehkashan’s solution
Reduction of waste and proper garbage processing will help build a sustainable future, as will the planting of trees. Kehkashan and Green Hope are organizing a two-day campaign to raise awareness among young people and mobilize them.

The aim of this campaign will be to pick up litter, sort waste, and plant trees. About 50 students will participate.

What is the goal
The goal is to reduce people’s ecological footprint. The project will take place in the United Arab Emirates.

Desired results:

  • Raise awareness about waste and care for the environment
  • Motivate young people to lead a sustainable life
  • Plant trees to compensate for CO2 emissions
  • A chain reaction of young people motivating other young people

How does she do it?
Kehkashan will organize the campaign together with five other young Green Hope ambassadors. These five youths have already given workshops at the schools and have worked with Green Hope before. During the first day of the campaign one group of students will pick up litter in two different areas. The second day another group will travel to a different area to plant trees.

Students from two different schools will participate as eco-ambassadors. A few months later, Green Hope will follow up with a workshop at the schools. Participants will share their experiences with other students in this workshop. Kehkashan hopes that this will cause a chain reaction and magnify the impact of the campaign.

Green Hope is looking to collaborate with the municipality and leverage its reach to spread their message.

What does Kehkashan need?

  • Transportation within the city
  • A van to travel to the area where the trees will be planted
  • 100 young trees
  • Food and water for both days of the campaign

Who does she need?

  • The municipality to help Green Hope spread its message
  • Enthusiastic students who will motivate other youths
  • Schools to hold the workshop