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Healthy Living is important

Kenneth Nbari (17)
Theme: Health

Preventive measures for healthy living

Kenneth is a passionate changemaker from Nigeria who is determined to raise awareness about health in his community. Kenneth has noticed that many people in his community fall sick as a result of not taking proper care of their health, with malnutrition leading to children dropping out of school. He believes that by educating people about preventive measures, sicknesses can be greatly reduced, and people can live healthier, more productive lives.

Kenneth's project involves organizing an awareness-raising campaign in his community, with a focus on preventive measures to keep children, students, pupils, teenagers, and youths healthy. He plans to partner with health centers and pharmaceutical specialists to provide information and guidelines on how to maintain good health.

To reach as many people as possible, Kenneth will secure an auditorium or a hall in his community and seek the help of community leaders for funding and publicity. He will also work with school heads to mobilize students, pupils, and children and enlist the help of facilitators and friends to assist him in running the program.

The awareness campaign will include educational sessions on maintaining good health, identifying factors that lead to poor health, and passing on information about measures for healthy living. At the end of the program, Kenneth will create a health club and lead those who need help to reliable practitioners.