Kingsley - KidsRights
Fund catcher

“Children can transform societies positively when given the right environment.”

Kingsley (20)
Theme: Child participation

Improving the ability of kids to speak freely

Kingsley is a change maker for children's participation. He will continue his previous project as an Action Developer on raising children in the field of children's rights as a Fund Catcher, train them to speak out and hold a debate contest. He will invite more children from other classes and schools. His budget will improve his project, because he wants to reach more schools.

Kingsley's project mainly focuses on children who make their personal life decisions without any form of dictatorship from their parents or elders. His community and nation in general have the conviction and intention that every child is unable to make decisions about his or her life, which is a wrong perception of the elderly. Therefore, his project will try to organize meetings for children where government teachers educate children about their rights, especially when it comes to making decisions about their personal lives. And after all these meetings, they will have the opportunity to debate with each other. Because of this debate, they are well equipped to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Words for other potential changemakers
For the other changemakers out there, there is only one thing I will say, find the problem and make a change because the world depends on what you do.