Update on Kingsley's meetings
Action developer

“Children can transform societies positively when given the right environment.”

Kingsley (17)

Update on Kingsley's meetings

Kingsley wants to teach children that they are allowed to make their own choices and that they can stand up for their rights. He does this through his project in Ghana. Read more about Kingsley’s project here.

What has Kingsley done?
Kingsley organized a gathering at school to talk about making choices. One month later he gave information about children’s rights. Yet another month later Kingsley organized a debate between children and adults about making choices.

There were 30 children present at each gathering.

How did it go?
Kingsley’s aim was to motivate the children and give them the courage to make their own choices and also to speak up. And it worked! During the debate 24 students told adults what kind of work they wanted to do later, what their hobbies were and which friends they chose. The other 6 students found it difficult to take part. Kingsley thinks they need more practice and guidance.

In what way did Kingsley make an impact?
The young participants are aware of their rights and have the courage to speak up. This is something they did not dare to do before.

And now?
Kingsley would like to organize more of these gatherings, information sessions and debates. The next time he may add a prize so that one of the children taking part may win at a debate. Besides that he would also like to arrange for some snacks which would make things more fun.

He also hopes to find another space. He did his best to get a larger room at school, but was not able to. As a result the gatherings had to be held in a computer classroom, which was not very convenient.