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“In order for us, the children to claim victory as youth and as adults in the future, we have to firstly, overcome the trials in our lives as children.” 

Leilua (3)
Theme: Child abuse, Violence

Leilua says:

About her Project Making a Change - One Child at a Time: "Abused children in Samoa are vulnerable to becoming perpetrators of violence themselves, as adults. This is partly due to their low status in the village hierarchy as children, and their reluctant to confide to others for fear of further abuse. As a rehabilitated child survivor of gender-based violence, I can see now how Samoan children grow up with the misconception that their elders are always right; that being abused is justified. Through this project, I want to change that misconception by working with the abused victims at the Campus of Hope. The goal of the project is for each of the participating victims age 8 - 10, to have a youth mentor who they can talk, confide to and hang around with; to influence some form of mentality change towards the misconception as mentioned. "

About the Support given by KR: "By providing the funding that now enables me to implement the changes I believe, would see the abused children rise up and become stronger advocates against gender-based violence, and the culture of silence surrounding it in our local communities."