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“My dream is a community where children’s rights will be respected and protected.”

Luc (19)

Update on Luc's Trainings

Luc is fighting against the violence parents use against children in Tanzania! Read more about Luc’s project here

What has Luc done? 
First, Luc gave training on children’s rights to the participants. Later he also organized discussion groups, so that the knowledge gathered can be shared and the children can embark on a discussion with their parents. Luc has also visited families to talk about the negative consequences of violence at home. 

How did it go? 
In the refugee camp Luc has reached 40 children (aged 10 to 17 years old), 30 parents, 3 church leaders, 5 school board members and 2 local leaders with his training, discussion groups and home visits.  

He found the discussion groups to be the most successful. Children and their parents discussed the biggest problems which they encountered with each other. Consequently they spoke about the possible solutions. The children were open and dared to speak up. 

In what way did Luc make an impact? 
Luc made an impact because the children as well as their parents were able to pinpoint what the problem was and were able to find a solution together without the use of violence. Luc did not expect the parents and children to embark on this discussion with so much openness. 

What went well? 
It was not his goal to involve local leaders from the refugee camp in his project, but they showed great interest, so they were a great help to him. 

Luc would like to continue giving training, especially with the themes such as child marriage and unwanted pregnancy. He would also like to start children’s clubs in refugee camps so that children can share their knowledge on children’s rights with each other. 

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