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What did Luc do?

Luc worked to combat the girls' forced dropout from school and premature unwanted pregnancies and marriages. Campaigns have been conducted to spread the message of the project. Luc provided training and organised debates on children's rights with parents to spread awareness of children's rights and to discuss the impact of the violation of girls' right to education. The common behavioural problems of children, the causes of forced school drop-outs and early unwanted marriages and pregnancies were also discussed.

Have you achieved the goal of your project?

My goal was:
To mobilize, brainstorm with, and train 50 parents, 10 school staff, 2 village leaders, and 85 young people in Basic Kids Rights with a special focus on the importance of educating the young girl to reduce the number of forced school drop-outs among young girls aged 12-18 by the next school year. Training and discussing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues with 45 young girls and creating 2 SRH clubs for young girls to share knowledge and experience on SRH issues in order to reduce the number of early unwanted pregnancies among young girls aged 12-18.

The end result was: 
We mobilised and trained 50 parents, 10 school staff, 4 village leaders and 80 young people in the field of Basic Kids Rights. With these people we had a two-hour brainstorming session about the education of the young girl. A woman-led training on sexual and reproductive health was given exclusively for young girls aged 12 to 18 who are victims and non-victims of early unwanted pregnancies and marriages. Two women's clubs for sexual and reproductive health have been set up and are currently run by adolescent girls. Voluntarily, 10 victims of early unwanted pregnancies have been registered for free vocational training centres to gain additional skills to help them generate money. In addition, we have helped 10 early school leavers of acceptable school age to enrol in their respective former schools.

Result: In what way did your activity help children and youth?

This activity helped the children who were forced to leave school to go back to school and/or go to vocational training centres to obtain additional skills needed to help them overcome their social and economic challenges. It also helped the children to share experience, gain important knowledge and skills about their sexual and reproductive health, so that they can prevent more unwanted pregnancies in the future. Furthermore, the SRH clubs have helped and will help young people to find a space to share experiences, learn new things about SRH, expand their networks and advocate for peers going through the same situation.