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The true Measure of Leadership is influence in developmental education

Lucky Deekor B (18)
Theme: Education

Basic Leadership skills

Lucky, a passionate changemaker from Nigeria is on a mission to solve his community's lack of basic leadership skills. After delivering developmental and educational information to children, Lucky realized that the ability to lead and guide others toward goal achievement is crucially missing in his community, leading to rumors of wrong governance and incompetency. Determined to make a difference, Lucky has embarked on a project to raise awareness of essential leadership skills and establish a leadership club in his community.

Through his project, Lucky aims to reach out to leaders, prefects, and children in schools and communities to educate them on the significance of leadership skills and how they can be acquired and improved at all levels. He plans to officially write to school heads to inform them of the importance of this initiative, particularly for class prefects and monitors, who are already in leadership positions. Lucky intends to use a large auditorium and invite leaders and guidance counselors to design cardboards, get facilitators, and partner with organizations to achieve his goals. He also plans to make the event interactive by providing room for suggestions, contributions, and a quiz at the end.

Lucky's project has four main goals: to pass on information on basic leadership skills, to make people understand that leadership skills can be acquired and improved, to set up a leadership club in his community and in schools, and to create platforms for producing competent leaders.