Malala releases her second book!

"I want to live in a world where we take education for granted, because all of us have access to it"

Malala (24)
United Kingdom

Malala releases her second book!

Malala wrote We Are Displaced as there is a lot of talk about refugees and immigration worldwide. But what do we really know about the refugees themselves? They make a long, difficult journey, miss their homes, and lose their loved ones. It is important to read about their lives, explained in their own words.

These stories are being told in We Are Displaced, by the girls that have experienced it themselves. Around half of all refugees are girls and women , which is why Malala chose to let girls speak.

The touching stories of girls from countries like Colombia, Iraq and Syria, show us the real lives behind the news stories.

Worldwide, there are millions of refugees. People that have to leave their homes to seek safety elsewhere. We Are Displaced shows the stories that people carry with them, and that everyone has the right to a safe home.