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If we make an analysis of our reality we will realise that we are damaging nature, society and animals. Thinking about our purpose in life leads us to want to generate emotional, spiritual and social changes that can improve our quality of life and draw a

Mariana Herrera (21)
Theme: Environment

A rally for the environement

Mariana's community's identity in Mexico is being lost due to the monoculture of avocados, which is inherited by future generations who do not understand the causes and consequences of the environmental impacts caused by deforestation, excessive use of agrochemicals, and land-use change. There is no program in the municipality that focuses on environmental awareness for children. The youth lack a collective voice that is taken seriously within the community, and there are few spaces where they can organize themselves, while discrimination against women and girls in social participation exacerbates the issue.

Mariana proposes an Environmental Rally designed with three workstations. The first station is focused on making "life bombs" with local seeds, topure, and charanda. On a plastic sheet spread on the field, different types of soil will be placed to mix and make balls with a local seed. Afterward, they will be placed in a sunny spot to dry, and the children will be ready to move to the next station. The second station will use a giant snakes and ladders board game based on the problems of their community. This will allow them to learn about the issues while still remaining engaged. In the third station, they will reflect on the activities, listen to their reflections, and express themselved in an artistic manner. Let's empower our communities and nurture a sustainable future by educating our youth on environmental consciousness and collective action!