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Matovu Julius (25)
Theme: Environment

Plant one to save generations

Meet Matuvo, a changemaker from Uganda who is passionate about addressing the issue of climate change in his community. Climate change has led to prolonged drought, destruction of houses, hunger, death of people, poverty, and many other devastating impacts.

Matuvo's project focuses on teaching proper farming methods to help people transition from charcoal burning to farming, which is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable activity. Charcoal burning involves massive cutting down of trees, which contributes to deforestation and exacerbates the effects of climate change. By teaching proper farming methods, Matuvo aims to equip farmers with the skills and knowledge they need to cultivate crops without damaging the environment.

In addition to promoting sustainable agriculture, Matuvo also aims to engage the community in massive tree-planting initiatives to restore the region's environmental heritage. By planting trees, Matuvo hopes to restore the forests, which will help in the formation of rainfall, reduce soil erosion, and provide food and income to people after selling fruits.

Matuvo's project is critical for his community, where climate change has had a significant impact on people's livelihoods. By teaching people how to farm sustainably and plant trees, he is addressing the root causes of climate change while providing practical solutions to the challenges faced by his communit