Mohamad - KidsRights

"There is no one more important than children. They are the future"

Mohamad (22)
Theme: Discrimination

Mohamad's photography classes

I'm Mohamad. As a refugee child I couldn’t go to school,  so I do everything to ensure that other children can. I would like to share my story with you, to make you see why and how I, as a ‘changemaker’, can put the world into motion.

The initiative

Before my family and I had to flee from Syria, we met Syrians who had fled their hometowns after complete destruction. Children had to leave everything behind, so I immediately wanted to help them. My feelings didn’t change upon arriving to the Lebanese refugee camp, where I, like thousands of other refugee children, couldn’t go to school. Together with my family, I built a school in the camp. At this school, I taught English, mathematics and photography from the age of twelve.   

Together we move the world

KidsRights supports me, as a ‘changemaker’, in my fight for the education for refugee children. There are hundreds of children going to our school, who need confidence to be able to cope with their war trauma. I support them with photography and film, my two greatest passions. Together we make their stories public.  

My mission

The future is uncertain, so I don’t worry about it anymore. I concentrate on what I can do now. I don't think world leaders are going to make a difference, only children can do that. We should therefore support each other, together we can make a difference!  We hope to reach as many people as possible with the stories we go public with, so that children like you will also act as change makers. Everyone can be a changemaker, and all of your actions count, whether they're big or small.