Mohamad - KidsRights

"There is no one more important than children. They are the future"

Mohamad (19)


What is the problem?
According to Mohamad, there are only a small number of children and young people in Sweden that want to take action for children’s rights. Furthermore, the awareness about what they could do to make a difference appears to be low, especially in the small cities.

Mohamad wants young people to get the feeling that they can make a difference, and that they know how.

“Nothing is more important than the children. They are the future.” – Mohamad.

What is Mohamad’s solution?
Children are the future, and that is why there should be as many changemakers as possible. With the online platform Tellurian, Mohamad wants to inspire other young people and support them in becoming a changemaker. On the platform, young people can share their knowledge and projects, and they can work together to move the world.

Tellurian will not offer any financial support itself, but will help the changemakers with setting up their projects and to find funds.

What is the goal?
The ultimate goal is to encourage as many children and young people as possible to take action and make the world a better place. Mohamad and his Tellurian team are very ambitious and set the following goals:

  • Supporting and giving courage to young people. Get the idea across that nothing is impossible, as long as you really commit.
  • Uniting the Swedish youth by enabling them to fight for children’s rights together.
  • Letting young people share their ideas easily and quickly.
  • Giving young people the possibility to participate in somebody else’s project.
  • Developing tools like online courses and offering them on the platform.

How does Mohamad work?
Tellurian consists of 6 other founders, apart from Mohamad. It is their job to support, guide, and inspire young people. Together they will:

  1. Give presentations at high schools for 15 – 18 years old teenagers. They will focus on the southern regions of Sweden first.
  2. Launch the Tellurian platform. Only those who attended the presentation can apply, as the platform is not public. This way, they will be kept up to date about debates, demonstrations, and events. Next to that, they can also communicate with each other.
  3. Reach as many people as possible and expand the community. To do this they, amongst other things, will use online influencers.
  4. Establish youth clubs for young people with shared interests. This will give them the opportunity to meet each other, as well as to debate and demonstrate together.

Who does he need?

  • Schools where he can come by to give the presentations.
  • Influencers in order to achieve as many young people as possible.
  • Young people that would like to be on the Tellurian platform.