Muskan - KidsRights
Action developer

“If young girls are provided a platform to learn, create and voice their views and opinions they can become great leaders, change makers and an inspiration to all.”

Muskan (24)
Theme: Gender Equality

Muskan’s project: "She the Pwr" Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Muskan works towards on girl empowerment program. She believes in changing the image that is built about how a female should behave and what a female should do as the key to leading change.

She has started a 'Leadership and Entrepreneurship Fellowship' program for young girls and helps them by imparting skills like communication, networking, leadership, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, digital literacy, business model, planning and organization, etc. She believes that all these skills are important and through these sessions she hopes to encourage young girls to be leaders and change-makers.

As part of the fellowship she will conduct interactive workshops to make the learning process fun.