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“Change will not come over night, it takes time and thus we should work together.”

Mwandja (19)

Mwandja's Update

Mwandja wants to fights child marriage in his surroundings. Read more about Mwandja's project here.

The "Lets eradicate harmful cultural practice that hinder the girl child project" is a project that will focus on educating the community adults and the children at large with main emphasis on the girl child.

The project will have much emphasis on harmful cultural practice in our society that are deeply entrenched, and they have become a norm in our society. With this project we aim to remove the negative perception that adults have on the girl child as well as empowering the girl child and building their self-assertiveness.

In our society girls are expected to participate in initiation ceremonies aimed to preparing them for womanhood and marriage.

These ceremonies are often held during the school term and result in girls missing a considerable amount of school time.

The project is facing some challenges such as follows:

  1. Norms and customes which the society can hardly abandon
  2. Beliefs and customs which sometimes have been a stumbling block in information dissemination
  3. Parents poor perception and bad attitudes.

The ultimate goal is to build a community that adheres to children's rights as well as having people that respect and perform that responsibilities towards children. The project also aims at building children's self esteem. 

“Education is the only power to self emancipation.”  - Mwandja