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“Change will not come over night, it takes time and thus we should work together.”

Mwandja (19)

Talking with Mwandja

Mwandja is one of our amazing changemakers. He was born and grew up in Congo. Unfortunately he had to flee his country due to the war. Since then, Mwandja has been living in a refugee camp in Tanzania. He started working in changemaking activities a while ago. He has also been a member of the child parliament, where he has been raising awareness for children’s rights, hoping to change the behavior of people in his community, especially concerning violence against children. Next to that, Mwandja worked at the radio station of one of our International Children’s Peace Prize winners, Baruani.  

With the support of KidsRights, Mwandja has been giving trainings in the refugee camp about children’s rights and about the benefits of education. Each training includes group discussion about child marriage and activities to share one’s opinion or experience, to focus attention on the problems that children face. Mwandja has made an impact on 200 girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 17 years, who participated in his trainings.  

KidsRights interviewed Mwandja on his experience. Here’s what he said: 

How did you find out about our Changemakers Program? 
“I was a member of “Child Voice” (a local Youth Organization) out in the camp and a colleague to Baruani Ndume, who is my inspiration. So I would spend most of my time following up on KidsRights’ activities, through that I came to know the changemakers.” 

What inspires you to be a changemaker? 
“I have always been keen on becoming a catalyst in bringing change to my community and thus I felt that through the changemakers I can impact the world and bring a positive change.” 

What challenges did you encounter during your changemaking activities? 
“Outdated cultural practices have been a major challenge that I have encountered in the change-making activities. People that are still stuck and believe in the system that oppose children's rights.” 

What is your biggest dream?
“My biggest dream is to be  countered among changemakers that have positively impacted the world.” 

What advice would you give to other children that want to become changemakers? 
“My advice to other children is that nothing comes easy and that it takes much effort to bring a positive change. All challenges they see are surmountable if we keep our heads up and stay focused.”  

“Education is the only power to self-emancipation.” 

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