Neha's College Planning Workshops

"Anyone can cry out. If we do it together, we will be heard."

Neha (24)
The United States

Neha's College Planning Workshops

What’s the problem?
There are secondary school students in Pennsylvania who are unable to prepare themselves adequately for their further careers because they or their parents do not have the means to do so. This makes it very difficult for them to make an appropriate choice. What should you do when you’ve finished secondary school? How do you prepare yourself for further studies? How do you get accepted into University? It is important that students know what their options are after completing secondary school. This increases the chance for more educated young people with a better future.

With her organization, Empower Orphans, Neha wants to help these vulnerable youngsters make a well-considered choice for their future.

What is Neha’s solution?
With Empower Orphans, Neha will organize after-school College Planning Workshops for less privileged youngsters. The workshops are aimed at providing information about further studies and preparing for them. How do you apply for a University? How do you prepare for the SAT? How do you qualify for FASFA or scholarship?

For those who do not wish to study further, there will be help in looking for jobs that are compatible with their skills and experience.

What is the goal?
By following the workshops, Neha hopes that the less privileged students will be able to figure out which direction to take after secondary school. Whether it be further studies or employment. All youngsters deserve to have a future full of opportunities.

How does Neha work?
The after-school College Planning Workshops will be held in a youth centre in Pennsylvania. The content of the workshops will be created by Neha and a worker at Empower Orphans. They will also be conducting the workshops.

To be able to assess the results of the workshops, they will monitor what the students will do after secondary school, whether they have passed the SAT and which university or universities the students have been admitted to. Besides that, Neha and her colleagues will conduct a survey among the participants to see how they can improve their workshops.

What does Neha need?

  • Food for the breaks during the workshop
  • College Application Fees
  • SAT Practice exercises

Who does she need?

  • Empower Orphans working together with a Secondary school and the youth centre.
  • College or University Students helping to support the participants during the workshops.