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Action developer

"I want kids to learn stuff that will help them in the future.”

Paul (21)
Theme: Education

Paul’s fight for appropriate eduction

Paul is from a large family with a lot of brothers and sister, he really likes spending time with them. He likes to do fun stuff with his family and friends.

He finished high school and has not organized any changemaking initiatives before. This is the first time he will take action, and KidsRights will help him.

Paul would like the education in his country to focus more on what children will need for the future, for example problem solving skills

What is the problem?
According to Paul education in Zambia is not how it should be, the lessons should be more child friendly. It does not entirely contribute to the children’s development, because it is not focussed on the children’s future. For example, they should be taught about leadership and how to solve problems. That way children will develop into responsible adults who little by little can create a better Africa.

What is Paul’s solution?
Paul would like to change the curriculum by reaching the Ministry of Education with a march of youth. When the ministry sees the amount of youth protesting for better education, they may be more likely to change it.

Prior to the march he would like to create clubs of around 15 youth. Within these clubs they will discuss the education system. This way Paul will gain a better idea what the needs are. These clubs will make other youth enthusiastic about joining the march. Paul hope in excess of 300 youth will join the protest.

What is his goal?
Paul’s goal is to see change in the curriculum, for it to be more tailored to children’s needs.

How does Paul work?
Paul will make sure everything goes according to the plan. Prior to the protest he will contact the police, locale politicians and the red cross for them to support him with the march. He hopes to speak to the ministry himself, however this may be challenging.

Who does Paul need?

  • Students who would like to join his club.
  • Other students willing to join the march.

What does Paul need?

  • Ideas of other changemakers around the world for inspiration
  • Tips of Children’s Peace Prize winner Thandiwe, who has experience with championing education in Zambia