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Action developer

“We do not need magic to change the world,we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already, just we need to believe in ourselves that yes,together we can make a difference and the courage to pursue them. ~Priya Borkotoki”

Priya (19)
Theme: Education

Priya’s project: BFQE (Basic Foundation for Quality Education)

Priya has an online club called Brainzone Invaders, through which she provides valuable skill training to all the students, to introduce them with latest technology so that they could integrate these in their studies and excel in their chosen field with a big smile in their face.

Her target is to reach to as many youth as she can by conducting online events by her member communities. The event will involve sharing of knowledge with the individuals in their community who don't have access to smartphone or internet, it may be their cousins, friends or any neighbour. She wants to introduce conceptual learning or STEAM method of learning to other children.