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Leadership is responsibility in the society

Progress Koote (16)
Theme: Education

Leadership skills 1

Progress from Nigeria is concerned about the lack of access to developmental and educational information for children in her community. She has identified the need for basic leadership skills in their community, as the ability to lead, inspire and guide others toward goal achievement is lacking. Without effective leadership, there are rumors of wrong governance and incompetencies in the community. Progress believes that raising awareness of basic leadership skills and setting up a leadership club can make a difference.

To achieve her goals, Progress plans to reach out to leaders, prefects, and children in school and the community. They will write to school heads, highlighting the significance of this awareness raising to their children, especially class prefects and monitors. Progress plans to organize a big auditorium, invite leaders and guidance, and partner with organizations to achieve her goals. They will design cardboard papers, get facilitators, and outsource materials for printing.

Progress intends to make the awareness-raising sessions interactive, with room for suggestions, contributions, and quizzes at the end. She aims to create platforms for producing competent leaders in her community by setting up a leadership club in their community and schools. Through activities and awareness, she hopes to pass on information on basic leadership skills in her community and make people understand that leadership skills can be learned, acquired, improved, and achieved at all levels.