Redae - KidsRights
Action developer

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

Redae (24)


Redae is a 23-year-old changemaker from Ethiopia. His project’s goal is to promote the rights of children by using effective resources and to create suitable conditions for everyone to know and respect children’s rights. He focuses especially on child labor. We asked him some questions. Here is what he had to say:

What do you think about our Changemakers Program?
“Your Changemakers program is wonderful. I find it very well-thought. I gained new knowledge by reading your guide and your tips to better develop my activism and engagement. Frankly speaking, this program is impressive and necessary. I learned many lessons from your best practices and from other changemakers across the world. This program is not only about advocacy for children’s rights, but also it is helpful for the exchange of ideas. After having visited the profile of many changemakers on the website, I saw so many important and good projects. So many smart young people are striving to achieve children's rights in different ways. To sum up. all these projects have such a positive impact in the world and are so important to change the world.”

What inspires you to be a changemaker?
“My role model and inspiration is Malala, a Pakistani young girl who fought for every girl’s right to education. She struggled against the Taliban's regime, and she even risked her own life. However, she continued fighting and she won the Nobel Peace prize!”

What challenges did you encounter during your changemaking activities?
“The biggest challenge to my activity is now the COVID - 19 pandemic. It restricted my activities, like marches, social campaigns and public gatherings. The price of the rent for spaces where to host changemaking activities is another major problem.”

What is your biggest dream?
“My biggest dream is to successfully finish my project and to help realizing children’s rights. My dream is to protect and promote children’s rights in my community, country and eventually the world. I will work hard to achieve these big dreams.”

What advice would you give to other children that want to become changemakers?
“My advice to other changemakers is to keep fighting. Problems are inevitable during our Changemaking activities but fighting against these problems and achieving your dreams is the most rewarding thing. Let’s keep working for a better life for every child!!”