Reece - KidsRights
Action developer

“If youth recognize something wrong in our community, we have the power to change it together. Never be afraid to stand for positive change.”

Reece (16)
South Africa
Theme: Environment
Loves: learning languages and learning about politics and world issues.Traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Listening to music.

Reece's EKO project

Reece brings together education and sustainability in his EKO project. He collected recycable materials such as bottle tops and plastic containers from his area to create age appropriate educational tools to distribute to Early Childhood Development Centers in disadvantaged areas.

The age group he focuses on is 2 to 6 years. With this project teachers and parents have been taught on how to use these games and how it to develops children’s visual, auditory, sensory, fine motor, language and listening skills and why it is so important for their children to develop these skills. This project encourages communities to live sustainably while helping to uplift their children developmentally and educationally.