Reece - KidsRights
Fund catcher

“If youth recognize something wrong in our community, we have the power to change it together. Never be afraid to stand for positive change.”

Reece (18)
South Africa
Theme: Environment

Reece’s project: Earth Kids Org

Reece's project educates children and students about pollution and environmental sustainability. They collected recycling from businesses and schools in Cape Town, as well as in Gugulethu, Phillipi and Masiphumelele (areas that had not had this access before).

This recycling is used to make early childhood development games with youth volunteer groups to improve the development of children in under-resourced preschools in Cape Town. In the span of two months, they have donated 200 games, 50 books and have given 900 children and their families access to recycling and they are not finished yet.

Besides this, Reece gives presentations on primary and high schools to raise awareness on the importance on recycling and to encourage others to join that movement.