Robinah - KidsRights
Action developer

“Go wherever the narrow way passes. If possible, go wherever there seems to be no way and create a way. Don’t just exist; do something meaningful with your life. Discover a problem and fix it.”

Robinah (25)
Theme: Gender Equality

Robinah’s project: Super Girl

Robina's project 'Super Girl', focuses on raising awareness on menstrual hygiene among young girls.

Period poverty isn’t always an easy thing to talk about because periods still go hand-in-hand with shame and stigma.She aims to equip marginalized young girls with hands-on skills in making reusable sanitary pads, so that they can manage their periods effectively without being subjected to stigma and exclusion from peers.

She also runs a parallel advocacy online Campaigns to help young girls talk about periods, ending the taboos that surround them, and equipping them with information they need to manage their periods effectively, without shame or embarrassment.