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Action developer

“I wake up every day, trying to figure out why, the life of thousands of kids, forced to beg and live on trash piles in my country is not cared for enough. I try. But its not enough. I need your help.”

Salaar (22)
Theme: Child labor

Salaar’s project: Masoom Jaan Program

In Pakistan, hundreds of thousands of children are forced to live on the streets and engage in child labour which often includes extreme physical exertion.

In Salaar's city, hundreds of children (some as young as 10) are working 12 hours a day to survive. Salaar wants to raise public awareness through print and digital media in order to draw the attention of the local government to put a hold to child labour. He hopes that by the end of his project a significant number of children engaged in child labour will become more aware of their basic human rights and the local government will start regulating child labour and protection laws in a more effective manner.