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Action developer

“Each time when a women stands by following her heart ,she can do thousands time more than a man.”

Sanju (20)
Theme: Poverty

Sanju’s project: Youth for child beggar

Sanju is a youth activist fighting for the cause of street children in her city. The main aim of her project is to change the life of child beggars through informal education and life skills training like English language classes, Cleanliness and Hygiene class, Personal grooming and teaching them communication skills.

She plans to carry out several workshops and skills training program for them including training them with the help of volunteers, organising reading material and other activities like storytelling, English language classes, courses like health education ,political issue of country ,social issues and basic mathematics.

Sanju hopes to arrange all material through organising cloth donation ,book donation and food donation drives by publicising through social media platforms in order to provide them the basic needs of life. She will also establish a way to regularly consult and share resources with some local organisations that are working with street children and child beggars .

To combat the stigma around street children and garner more support she also plans Conducting awareness program around the temple ,social media and tourist area.