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“Let’s work hard until we reach our goal!”

Sathiya (24)
Theme: Environment

Replacing trees with Sathiya

Sathiya has thought about his environment and the problems it faces since he was very young. This is why he joined a youth network. Together they fight for the environment. He knows a lot about it and has already organized a few campaigns and events.

He likes to share his experiences and to discuss problems with the environment and their solution. His dream is to pass on a clean environment to future generations.

What is the problem?
The earth belongs to everyone. It belongs to humans, but also to insects, birds, fish, and animals. According to Sathiya, people act like the earth belongs only to them. This causes many problems for the environment and therefore this has to change. 

In the area where Sathiya lives, people plant trees that are alien to the region. These cause harm to the environment and especially to the water sources. Surrounding villages have to deal with contaminated water and this is harmful to both humans and animals. This is where Sathiya will try to make a change. 

What is Sathiya’s solution?
Sathiya will start by spreading information about the harmful trees. In May, he and five other young people will travel to two nearby villages to inform the population about the harmful effects of the dangerous treesHopefully, the people will understand that these trees have to be removed.

In July, Sathiya and a group of enthusiastic children, youths and adults will remove the alien trees and replace them with trees that naturally grow in the region, and which won’t cause harm to the environment.

What is the goal?
The goal is to remove all alien trees and replace them with indigenous ones. Sathiya also hopes that his message will get through to people and that in the future they will be more considerate towards the environment. He hopes that his message will reach at least half of all families in the area.

How does Sathiya work?  Sathiya leads the project along with five other youths. He thinks it will be a challenge to plan everything out, especially because he is busy with work.

Who does Sathiya need?  
·         Local organization, to support his project. He has already approached these organizations.

What does Sathiya need?  
·         Feedback on his plan from KidsRights
·         More information on the environment
·         Help with expanding his project
·         The knowledge and experience of other changemakers. How did they approach their project and what did they learn?