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Action developer

I like saying, passion drives change. Be passionate about something and when you do so something will change for your community

Simeon Kalua (24)
Theme: Environment

Tree4Change project

Simeon is a passionate environmentalist from Malawi who is dedicated to addressing the environmental challenges that his community is facing. Malawi is currently one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to severe climate-related events, and Simeon believes that education and communication strategies are essential in addressing the country's unsustainable development trajectory.

Simeon's project focuses on his community, Goneka village in Nkhatabay District, in the northern part of Malawi. The community has lost a lot of trees due to deforestation for charcoal burning and opening new gardens, leading to climate change and low yields that affect the health of children.

Simeon's proposal is to work with children in three primary schools in Nkhatabay District to boost environmental awareness. He will collaborate with the environment clubs in these schools to hold monthly events that increase environmental awareness. The events will feature local knowledge and local citizens implementing positive interventions in the fight against climate degradation.

Simeon's project demonstrates the power of education and community engagement in addressing environmental challenges. By working with local schools and citizens, Simeon is creating a platform to empower young people and promote environmental conservation in his community.