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Sumaiya (20)
Theme: Health

Sumaiya's SRHR youth clubs

Sumaiya was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017. She is an active changemaker. She stopped child marriages, advocated for education of children in poverty and is now focused on the promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights.


Many children, youth and parents in Sumaiya's community are not aware of their sexual and reproductive health rights. She wants to start youth clubs to inform children about their rights. With the members of the youth clubs, she wants to also raise awareness to parents and other youth in the community.


Sumaiya lives in a community in which she experiences the existence of a great health problem. Most people do not have any knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), and this is an even bigger problem for children. Children between the ages of 10 and 19, as well as their parents, are not at all aware of SRHR. The consequences of this lack of awareness is that people have poor personal health care, are particularly exposed to sexual diseases, do not take prenatal care and are not aware of postnatal care, as well as take poor care of newborns. Also, family planning counselling as such is not provided for correctly.

Parents have trouble taking care of their adolescent children regarding this topic, as well as in general.

What is Sumaiya’s solution?

Sumaiya’s solution is to disseminate information on SRHR through a number of activities. She wants to activate youth (15-19 year) to join her in her youth club and become peer educators. They will work together in making people aware about SRHR. Sumaiya plans on doing this though two workshops with two different target groups: youth and parents.

Finally she will organize and facilitate a Theatre of Development, which will reach a broader audience. The main themes in this Theatre will be puberty & changes, parental care and sexual diseases.

What is her goal?

Sumaiya’s goal will be met when adolescents, including the most vulnerable ones, will be able to make informed decisions and have access to information and services for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

How does Sumaiya work?

Sumaiya will lead the project implementation in participation with other youths. At the same time, she will coordinate and cooperate in the workshops, youth group and Theatre for Development.

What does Sumaiya need?

Sumaiya needs information dissemination materials, like Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) materials and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials, as well as cultural activities materials. For instance, adolescents will use local musical program to disseminate information.

Who does Sumaiya need?

Sumaiya needs other children to join as participants of the project. Also she needs parents, civil society organization members and health service providers to join in on the project activities and provide information. They will support the cause by giving social support, mobilize resources and give access to different places, such as service centers.