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“We need to ensure that all children have a chance to live a decent life.”

Taran (15)
Theme: Education, Health

Taran’s project: Education, Health, and Internet

Taran attends high school in Mauritius where he lives with his parents and younger brother. Both his parents are teachers and his mother also runs an organization that teaches children on Mauritius and nearby islands to browse the internet in a safe manner.

His mother’s organization inspires Taran and he regularly helps teach about safe conduct on the internet. He also works for a children’s rights organization that tries to make children and youths aware of their rights.

His dream is for all children to know their own rights; this will help them reduce inequality and stand up for themselves.

Taran's project: "Internet governance and young children"

Taran will address two issues for the benefit of the children of Mauritius. Together with the trainers of the Halley movement, Taran will educate and train children and young people aged 9 to 18 in their fundamental rights and initiate them in communication and leadership skills.

Internet governance is one of the different topics covered during the two-day workshops for children and youth in both rural and urban Mauritius. The workshops, will be spread over several sessions, including panel discussions, presentations, group work. Recommendations will also be given.

His goal is to create awareness about children and internet governance, for children to take into account on the internet and for young children to have a voice in the upcoming internet-oriented events in Mauritius.