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Action developer

“We need to ensure that all children have a chance to live a decent life.”

Taran (13)
Theme: Education

Taran’s children’s rights workshops

Taran attends high school in Mauritius where he lives with his parents and younger brother. Both his parents are teachers and his mother also runs an organization that teaches children on Mauritius and nearby islands to browse the internet in a safe manner.

His mother’s organization inspires Taran and he regularly helps teach about safe conduct on the internet. He also works for a children’s rights organization that tries to make children and youths aware of their rights.

His dream is for all children to know their own rights; this will help them reduce inequality and stand up for themselves.

What is the problem?
According to Taran, children and adults are often not aware of the rights that a child has; whilst children’s rights are so important for children and their future. Awareness of children’s rights is especially low in the countryside of Mauritius.

What is Taran’s solution?
Through Taran’s work for a children’s rights organization, he has gathered a lot of knowledge about children’s rights and has experience conducting workshops.

He is therefore planning to give children’s rights workshops to children living in the countryside of Mauritius. He will start with two workshops at two different locations with 30 children per workshop. During the workshop Taran will focus on children’s rights in general and he is allowed to make use of the teaching materials of the children’s rights organization he works for. Also he will give the word to two young guest speakers and lead a group discussion.

What is the goal ?
Taran’s goal is to make sure that children become aware of their rights and know how to apply this to their daily lives.

He also hopes that participants will make use of an online hotline. This is an organization where children can turn to with all their questions and experiences. Professionals will be at hand to answer their questions. It is not the hotline that Taran works for, but he thinks that in this way he will be able to judge the impact of his workshops.

How does Taran work?
The children’s rights organization where Taran works will help him with the organization and execution of the workshops. Taran’s responsibilities lie in the selection and invitation of the young participants and leading the group discussions.

He expects that it will be a challenge to convince parents to allow their children to come to a workshop that will last a whole day. The workshops, teaching materials and the lunch will be free. He hopes that will help.

Who does he need?
Taran needs help from his work in organizing the workshops. He is also looking for two young people who can help him with this project.

What does Taran need?
He needs teaching materials from his work and a location to conduct the workshop. He would also like to serve tea and lunch.