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Action developer

“To learn, to create and to bring change. To lead, to encourage and to give. To be human.”

Varsha (24)
Theme: Environment

Varsha's project: Awareness about reusable products in waste processing

 The problem Varsha wants to fight is waste disposal and the lack of awareness about reusable products. She says that cardboard waste, paper waste, plastic waste and all the other things we irresponsibly dispose of are articles that we can actually make things out of.

Therefore she will organize an environmental-child rights campaign. Varsha will try to collaborate with as many as craftspeople she can find in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala. It would be a fun platform, open with 20 slots where parents can register for their children. Children who have registered are taught craft using reusable articles that we tend to dispose of.

They have to convince parents and the people around to buy their product once it is done (making it more fun). Now, the amount collected will be donated to children in need. The residue of the craft they make will be collected and later reused. This campaign is completely non-profit.