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Action developer

“If you’re passionate about helping others, you will find a way to make it happen.”

Victoria (20)
Theme: Education

Victoria’s English classes

Victoria likes to help others. This is why she’s teaching English classes to children in need of English tutoring. In her spare time, she likes to play tennis. 

She hopes for a future where all children have equal opportunity, regardless of for example their origin, gender or religion. That everyone gets what he or she deserves, by taking action and showing the world how important education is for the development of children.

What is the problem?
The quality of education at many schools in Columbia, is not as high as it should be. Many students are not being taught any foreign languages like English. While in fact, these are very important to the future of a child, for example when they want to apply for an university.

What is Victoria’s solution?
Victoria’s solution is to tutor children (age 8-12) in English. Her lessons focus on words and phrases that the children can use in daily life, like introducing themselves, describing objects and talking about family. Because Victoria wants to tutor as many children as possible, she will expand her team with two of her classmates.

What is the goal?
Victoria will reach her goal once she has inspired other children and youths to take action and help other children, for example by tutoring them as well. She is also hoping that her project will continue to grow and reach more and more children.

How does Victoria work? Victoria writes the teaching materials, plans the classes, and guides her two friends in teaching their classes. She also teaches the classes herself. They take place every Sunday. She sees finding a suitable location as a challenge.

What does Victoria need?
·       Teaching materials for the tutoring classes
·       A suitable location to teach the classes

Who does Victoria need?
·       Her mother, who often helps her with her projects
·       Two friends will help her teach the classes
·       Her English teacher will help her write the teaching materials