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Action developer

“If you’re passionate about helping others, you will find a way to make it happen.”

Victoria (18)

Update on Victoria

Victoria gives English tuition to children and young adults who need extra help in Colombia. Read more about Victoria’s project here.

What has Victoria done?  
First Victoria asked for help from her friends, of which three joined her project. Together with these three friends and her English teacher, she started the English classes. Her aim was to teach basic rules to children through games so that they would get motivated to carry on studying themselves. 

How did it go? 
The lessons went as Victoria had expected. Still there were a few things that she would do differently the next time around. For example, no one brought food to be eaten during the break, so they had to quickly go to the supermarket to buy some food. Also there were not enough team leaders present ; the result was that not all children were able to participate. 

In which way did Victoria make an impact? 
In total there were about 120 children present at Victoria’s English lessons. They all participated actively in the lessons and games. ‘Soccer verbs’ is a game which Victoria is most proud of. During a game of soccer the children worked in teams and had to name English verbs every time a goal was made. Victoria is proud because the children not only learned to use English verbs, but also worked in teams to win.