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Sri Lanka
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Without Borders started with a small group of volunteers in 2014 and their main objective was to teach English to children and adults. Today, Without Borders has grown drastically and they got to hire some of their old students as trainers. They have expanded their range of classes and they now also give workshops focused on the environment. 

Without Borders is working on creating a comprehensive and innovative local school curriculum and an innovative and effective community-based leadership accelerator. Their goal is to position themselves as a connector within the edu-tech space in facilitating partnership between technologists and educators to create low-cost, innovative and applicable educational technology within local learning environments. The organization is training young people on project management and grassroots community interventions. 

The Ideator project is focused on equipping young people aged 14-19 with leadership skills, design thinking and advocacy in order to implement their own community-based projects focused on promoting awareness and access within the sphere of children rights. Ideator will give children effective tools and strategies to understand children rights and to become advocates by lobbying relevant state and non-state stakeholders, thereby discovering their agency as young changemakers.