Yajaira - KidsRights
Action developer

"You never have to abandon your dreams because of an obstacle, try to find the light in the storm and fight for what you think is right"

Yajaira (20)
Theme: Environment
Studying, helping others (especially animals), reading, writing, painting, skating, recycling

Yajaira's Environment Workshops

Yajaira wants to raise awareness among youth about their importance in caring for the environment. In the campus where she studies she wants to organize an event of painting murals, paintings that will be related to the environment. She also wants to organize two events (one for children and one for youth) in which she will give presentations about the situation of our planet, she will also use videos in order to do so and will organize games.  

After this, she plans to do workshops about environment in schools with which she is already in contact. Yajaira believes children and youth will then understand the critical stage in which the planet is and will be positively influenced to start protecting the environment.