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Action developer

“More voices need to be raised to be able to stop this bad act of violence against children.”

Yousra (22)
Theme: Violence

Yousra against sexual violence

Yousra is a student in Bangladesh. She has a lot of hobbies and one of those is photography. She also loves to play with children and would love to work for their sake.

This will be her first time as a changemaker, as she has never been changemaking activities before.

Her dream is to work with children for the rest of her life. She hopes for a better future and a peaceful world. 

What is the problem? 
Sexual violence against children happens all too often in Yousra’s community. A child facing sexual violence will deal with it for the rest of their life. Yousra wants to stop this and has decided to take action.

What is Yousra’s solution?
Yousra wants to bring a change by educating young people about sexual violence. She will provide them with information about sexuality in general and sexual violence in particular. This will happen in three phases. She hopes to increase awareness on this subject so young people can decide for themselves how to handle it. This is important because many families still consider this a taboo subject, which causes it to be a subject no one talks about.

What is the goal? 
The goal is to inform as many people as possible about sexual violence, convince them to talk about it and change their attitudes towards this subject. She hopes for a safe country without discrimination or intimidation.  

What is Yousra’s method?
Yousra expects a difficult challenge in convincing her community of the importance of her project and in encouraging people to speak about this sensitive topic.

Who does Yousra need?
·         Two other changemakers from her school class (ages 15 and 16). 
·         Local organizations that want to help her.

What does Yousra need?  
·         More attention for this problem, for example through tv commercials.