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“Join our movement today, as we fight against Child Labour around the world. YES! We can do it, TOGETHER.”

Yusuf (26)
Theme: Child labor

Yusuf’s project: Movement Against Child Labour - MACL

Yusuf wants to help solve the issue of child labour in his community. He will organize an online campaign on social media on the dangers of child labour, in which different stakeholders (such as government and religious leaders, academicians and human rights activists) will be engaged.  

He will also organize a town hall meeting where the issues related to child labour will be discussed as well as possible ways to end child labour, together with stakeholders, adults and children. In all his activities he will also involve children that were previously engaged in child labour.  

There is no doubt that children are the hope to the world - with quality education, good nutrition and decent job. Failure to adequating children with skills and education renderes them to menial jobs and labour.