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“Child marriage reduces a girl’s ability to realize their full potential.”

What is the problem? 
 Child marriage and teen pregnancy are a big problem in Benedict’s region, especially in the rural areas. Which means girls don’t have a say in their own future. All too often, they end up in a violent marriage and become pregnant at a young age.   

Benedict decided to take action! Because girls deserve a chance to develop themselves through education too. It’s their right!     

What is Benedict's solution?   
Child marriage and teen pregnancy are common in Benedict’s community. People don’t know about the harm they cause. That’s why Benedict wants to teach them about it. But how? 

Local leaders are very influential within the village; everyone will listen to them. If these leaders understand the negative consequences of child marriage and teen pregnancy, they will be able to spread the message in the community.   

Benedict wants to reach them by organizing a meeting for these religious leaders, such as pastors and imams. So that his message can be taken back by them in the religious meetings that they organize.  

In addition, Benedict will talk to people on the streets to raise awareness among the population, by addressing and talking to them about child marriage and teenage pregnancies. 

What is his goal? 
Benedict’s goal is to reduce child marriage and teen pregnancy in his area. He wants to live in an environment where children are safe and their rights are respected.  

How does Benedict work?
method  Benedict is working with a local organization. They help him prepare his meeting. He also wants to start a project team with other local children. They will prepare, give and evaluate the meeting. Benedict makes sure that everything goes according to plan and that KidsRights receives regular rapports. 300 random local leaders and youths are chosen to attend the meeting.   

Who does Benedict need?   

  • The local organization cooperating with Benedict  
  • Children who want to help with the meeting 

What does he need?   

  • Laptop + phone to take pictures Internet to stay in contact with KidsRights 
  • A writing surface to use during the meeting 
  • Projector for the PowerPoint presentation  
  • Information and communication material for the meeting 
  • Banners to announce the meeting
  •  Pen and paper  
  • An office space  
  • Water, food and soft drinks for the meeting.  

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