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Baruani's classes for refugee children

“Children are the heart of the refugee crisis"

International Children’s Peace Prize winner Baruani was born in Congo, but grew up in a refugee camp in Tanzania. He is fighting for the rights of child refugees. Read more about Baruani here

KidsRights is helping Baruani to set up, carry out and expand his new project.

What is Baruani going to do?

Baruani’s new project takes place in Capetown from August 2019 until April 2020. Twenty child refugees will take part in his project and four different themes will be dealt with. Each theme has different reasons, different activities and a different goal. In the table below, an overview is given of these reasons, activities and goals.


Theme: How to find yourself.

Why? Many children find it difficult to define their personal talents and dreams.

Activities: Brainstorming for ideas and making a short video.

Goals: Clarity about personal talents, developing courage to share ones dreams and the making of a list of what one can achieve in the coming months.


Theme: How to tell your story.

Why? It is important that a child can talk about himself and that he dares to share his experiences. In this way children can learn from each other.

Activities: Group discussions and sharing your story (such as who you are, what you do and what you want).

Goals: Developing self-confidence in the presentation of oneself.


Theme: Children’s rights and responsibilities.

Why? Children can only stand up for their rights if they know what these are.

Activities: Group discussions and information.

Goals: Enhancing knowledge on children’s rights and creating active young citizens.


Theme: A better place called home.

Why? Child refugees have all experienced living in different locations.

What does ‘home’ mean to them? Everyone needs a place where they can feel safe and sound.

Activities: Brainstorming, group discussions, individual reflection and video presentations.

Goals: Making a personal definition of ‘home’, so that this can be created.

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