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Chaeli's Sports & Recreation Club

International Children’s Peace Prize winner Chaeli lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is committed to the rights of children with a disability. She does this with her organization the Chaeli Campaign. The Sports & Recreation Club is part of her organization and focuses specifically on including disabled children in sports. KidsRights is helping Chaeli to set up, execute and expand her project. Read more about the project below.

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Chaeli's Sports & Recreation Club

"People with disabilities have the same rights and needs as everyone else. My mission is to spread this message around the world”

What is the problem?
All children are equal and have the same rights. It doesn’t matter what they look like, where they live or whether they are rich or poor. Children with a disability have a right to live a normal life.

Children with a disability encounter practical problems every day. For example, sports is not always accessible for these children. In Cape Town it is almost impossible for these children to take part in sports, therefore Chaeli is committed to help in this matter.

What is Chaeli’s solution?
The Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club (CSRC) is a part of the Chaeli Campaign and the only organization in Cape Town which focusses on sports for the disabled. Disabled as well as non-disabled children can practice sports here. The focus lays especially on wheelchair dancing. During the lessons, besides dance techniques, attention is paid to teamwork, care and self-respect (and much more!)

Dance lessons for the disabled involve high costs. Many people with a disability require special transport and custom-made dance attributes, for example. Members of CSRC do their utmost to make this possible.

CSRC will not only make sure that children with a disability can take part in sports, but that this work will also be carried out in other South African regions. This is still not happening as much as it should.

What is the goal?
The goal is an inclusive society; everyone, with or without disability should be able to take part.

The aims of the Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club are:

  • offering sports and recreational activities to the disabled;
  • promoting the fact that athletes with a disbility are allowed to participate is all kinds of sporting events;
  • using sports as a means to learn important skills;
  • offering sporters with a disability training in lifeskills and leadership to propagate the growth of more inclusive societies.

How does Chaeli work?
Every Sunday, the CSRC teaches wheelchair dance classes in Cape Town. These dance classes are in Latin American style and last 2 hours. Chaeli is involved in the choreography and with the coaching of the participants. She makes sure that the dancers are enjoying themselves and are feeling great. Besides that she does all the administrative tasks, such as writing monthly reports for the organizations that support the CSRC.

Chaeli hopes to be a role model for the dancers. She herself lives with an impairment and tries to live a life with as few limitations as possible. She hopes that other disabled children continue to challenge themselves to reach what has been seen to be impossible.

What does KidsRights do?
KidsRights provides Chaeli personal assisstance in the activities of her organization, the Chaeli Campaign. Within the Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club, KidsRights supports by making adapted transport for children who need it possible.

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