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Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)

Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), is an environmental organization in Ghana, Africa, that was found in 2013, by a group of enthusiastic environmental science students. 

The organization is since then being led by young people. Together they hope to change the attitudes and behavior of people towards the environment, which should eventually lead to people living a more sustainable life. GAYO is conducting research on important environmental issues, and offers solutions by involving and educating young people. They do this in different ways, for example doing campaigns, and giving workshops.

KidsRights is supporting GAYO with in the Sustainable Community Project. With this project GAYO wants to create a good structure for the processing of waste in their community. Communities are being thought how they can best process their waste. The aim is that because of this structure, people will handle their waste more sustainably which will in turn result in a sustainable community.

The project consists of giving workshops and trainings about waste management and recycling. In this way, children and young people learn how to recycle waste, and how to make nice products out of it. For example, a school garden was set up, in which organic waste is being used as compost. The harvest is being sold, and part of the profit is spend on school materials for children of poor families.

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