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Green Hope: to protect the environment

Youth organisation Green Hope is founded and lead by Kehkashan Basu. In 2016 she won the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts to protect our environment and to create a sustainable future.

When she was 12 she established Green Hope. They organized large scale events in Dubai to clean the beach. Green Hope has since become a large international organisation with more than a 1000 young members.

The organisation is entirely run by youth who work together to draw attention to sustainable developments, children rights and protection of the environment. The mission of Green Hope is to encourage youth to stand up for their rights and protect our planet for future generations.

They do this by:

  • Holding workshops and awareness events at schools, which have been put together by the children, they focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are agreed by the United Nations.
  • The SDG Youth Impact Conference follows the workshops and awareness events. During this conference students develop an action plan to achieve the SDGs
  • The Beach clean-ups, many beaches are littered with plastic which is not good for our environment. For this reason, Kehkashan cleans beaches together with other youth, this way they and bystanders become aware of the need to care for nature.
  • Planting trees; the greener the better! Green Hope plants as many trees as possible to combat climate. Together they have now planted as many as 16000 trees.
  • Social media campaigns. Green Hope makes active use of social media, to reach as many people as possible across the world.
  • Attending as many as possible events to be able to talk about sustainability with the visitors and increase the awareness around this issue.

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