Kingsley’s meetings

Kingsley’s meetings

“Children can transform societies positively when given the right environment.”

What is the problem?
Kingsley has seen how hard it is for many children in his environment to voice their opinion. Their parents tell them how to act and what to think. These children cannot even choose their own friends or hobbies. This harms their development and prevents them from finding their own voice.

Kingsley believes that children should have control over their own lives and should have a say in matters that concern them!

What is Kingsley’s solution?
Kingsley wants children to understand that they are allowed to make their own decisions and fight for their own rights. They have their rights and they have a voice. Kingsley wants to teach these values at meetings held at his school. These meetings will be attended by teachers who will support Kingsley by explaining about children’s rights.

  1. At the first meeting, the children will learn how to make decisions and how to acquire presentation skills.
  2. The goal of the second meeting is to make the children aware that they have the right to have and express their own opinion.
  3. The final meeting will be a debate. The children will have an exchange with the adults. This will give them the courage to stand up for themselves in the future.

What is his goal?
The debate will be a good opportunity for Kingsley to evaluate the results of his meetings. Will the children be able to communicate their position? Do they dare to express themselves to the adults?

One day, Kingsley hopes to found an organization that will help children become independent. All children should know what their rights are and how to safeguard them!

How does Kingsley work? 
Kingsley will organize the three meetings himself.

Who does Kingsley need?  
Participating students and teachers who can attend the meetings.

What does he need?

  • Space at his school to hold the meetings
  • Teaching material on children’s rights

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